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A Kitchen of The Ages

A Kitchen of The Ages

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. is excited to reveal this charming and petite kitchen vignette at this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Orlando Florida January 9th-11th. This retro-modern design is unique in every-way; the three distinct components of the kitchen (wall cabinets, peninsula, icebox) paired with three distinctly different colors help showcase the many eras represented in this design. Transitioning from the historically unfitted 1920s to the 1950s charm and eccentricity, this Kitchen of The Ages represents many eras and design styles.

The focal point of this retro-modern design must be the distinctive You Draw It Aruba Blue colored icebox. Long before modern refrigeration, iceboxes were used in many of the homes in the early twentieth century to keep foods fresh. Part of the Wellborn Cabinet Premier Series, the icebox features an Inset Non-Beaded door profile in the Hanover door-style Maple Color Inspire- Aruba Blue (Benjamin Moore 2048-30).

When needing to uniquely define a small space, a common tactic used in cabinetry design is to contrast finishes, colors and textures. For example, a modern cabinet scheme in a dark stain or paint contrasts beautifully with stainless steel hardware and a pop of color to break-up the cold nature of stainless steel. Case in point, the dark Onyx cabinets, panels and breakfront detail create a framework to highlight the oak accents used on the base wall cabinets and the base of the serving peninsula. The base cabinets feature a Vienna door-style in Oak with a Hazelnut stain which is outlined using the more modern door-style of Barcelona paired with the darker Onyx paint color, also featured in Oak.

The Shaker Leg

The variation of Shaker decorative legs used in this set only add to the multi-era design feel. Deriving from the Shaker lifestyle and tradition, the tapering effect used in the Shaker style legs are a beautiful yet simple design feature. This vignette features a solid wooden style tapered leg on the icebox while the wall and peninsula cabinets feature stainless steel tapered legs, which pairs nicely with the stainless-steel hardware and 1950’s Malt Shop grooved countertop.
Kitchen Accessories: not an afterthought

Accessories are an important part of kitchen design, which is why they should be kept top of mind when building or designing that dream space. The many accessories available with Wellborn Cabinet ensure complete accessibility and practicality to this space and any space you could dream of!

Located below the sink are three very practical accessory options. The Under-Sink Basket Deluxe features a removable basket with a fixed handle. Perfect for organizing cleaning supplies in one, easy to reach location.

The Cutting Board accessory has been mounted to the back of the Sink Base Door to also ensure easy to reach access. Lastly, the Stainless-Steel Double Wastebasket Kit features full extension ball bearing slides.
Additionally, accessories like the Door Shelf Kit, Drawer Bread Box Cover and function ready features like the Drawer and Deep Drawer Base Cabinet Dividers were included in this retro-modern design.
A Plethora of Lighting

A plethora of Häfele lighting was used in this tri-colored design, launching the newly announced partnership between Wellborn Cabinet and Häfele America Co. A world leader in LED cabinetry lighting, the outstanding products from Häfele was used throughout this small design making the room feel larger than life. From the hanging horizontal cabinet above the peninsula to the upper and base cabinets, Wellborn’s Touch To Light feature paired with the proficient Häfele product makes for a winning team.

A carefully crafted, multi-layered lighting design acts as an essential component when designing a dream kitchen. Ambient, accent, task and decorative lighting are all impera-tive in creating the right mood for any space. The carefully placed lighting in this Kitchen Of The Ages truly reflects the im-portance of pairing great cabinetry with a smart lighting system.

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