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December 04, 2018



From 19th to 21st February, Antolini will bring a new and captivating experience to KBIS.


From the origins of Mother Nature, Antolini continues to push the boundaries of kitchen and bath design innovation through rich collections of exotic natural stone as well as their groundbreaking Azerocare treatment, providing polished marbles, onyxes and soft quartzites protection from etching and staining caused by acid-based elements. The very best in contemporary design and cutting-edge applications will be on full display, as Antolini redefines the modern kitchen and bath space making it an extraordinary experience. With designs by Alessandro La Spada, Antolini will explore the brindled textures of Absolute Black Z, and the natural composite layers of Black Horse from the Natural Stone Collection to present a new translation of what is Haute Nature.


Experience nature in its finest element at booth #SL449 during the 2019 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, as Antolini presents an exhibit of nature in its authentic style and elegance. Surrounded by seductive walls in Absolute Black Z “Classic” | Stratos Design, the 1500 sqft showspace will feature a kitchen island in polished Port Black treated with Antolini’s Azerocare treatment (world-class Rettangolo faucets by Gessi), including contemporary lamp designs by La Spada. From a beautiful reception in Absolute Black Z “Classic”that includes Pois lamps by Clan, and exclusively polished flooring in Black Horse (bookmatch laid), Antolini is excited to bring Haute Nature to KBIS 2019.



Alessandro La Spada, the eccentric and eclectic Italian designer known for his inexhaustible creativity, has always been fascinated by the emotional aspect of objects. He combines in his work a skillful ability to mold materials with extreme care over the details and patient determination in following the creative process from conception to the final creation. He collaborates with the most important brands in the furnishings industry, designing rooms and collections with a firmly dreamlike character - www.alessandrolaspada.it





Absolute Black Z “Classic”:

Speckled variants of charcoal hues are peppered across the shadowed landscape of this natural stone. Clusters of silvered particles assume a constructed disposition, like an arrangement of stars reflecting the cosmic beauty of the galaxies above. The obscurity of its shaded backdrop evokes a silent yet composed ambience that is befitting for transforming any contemporary living space.


Black Horse:

The beauty of Black Horse lies in its strength as well in its dynamic contrast, as it presents an illustration of structure in motion. Dramatic layers of naturally dark and burnished tones stretch endlessly in a rhythmic dance of aesthetic grace. The natural black tones of the negative space compliment its marbled streams of accompanying sandy ranges as this exotic granite truly symbolizes what Haute Nature is.


Port Black:

Within this beautiful natural stone lies a dramatic backdrop of ebony accentuated through streams of silver and pearl highlights. Tinctured streaks of layered marble capture the viewer's attention and guide the eye across flowing currents of grey, which have been artistically placed upon a raven canvas. Port Black marble is an excellent choice for many indoor applications.    


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