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NanaWall debuts first floor-supported folding glass wall to achieve STC 45 for interiors

October 24, 2018

NanaWall debuts first floor-supported folding glass wall
to achieve STC 45 for interiors

New glass wall system offers unprecedented acoustic privacy

SAN FRANCISCO – NanaWall Systems, the pioneer of the opening glass wall category, introduces its latest innovation with NanaWall AcoustiFOLD™—the first floor-supported folding glass wall that is able to achieve up to STC 45 for educational settings and interior spaces.

This system combines sleek acoustically separated aluminum framing and specialized gasketing with sound-enhanced glass to achieve optimal performance and unprecedented levels of external noise reduction—all while allowing maximal transparency and natural daylight to flood interior spaces. While many spaces that require acoustic privacy used to rely on immovable walls, AcoustiFOLD achieves a range from STC 35 up to STC 45 due to NanaWall’s precise engineering.

“This level of acoustic privacy in a floor-supported folding glass wall system has never before been achieved in the industry until now,” said NanaWall Systems CEO Ebrahim Nana. “The new NanaWall AcoustiFOLD provides architects and designers with a folding glass wall system that has unrivaled sound reduction to improve educational, commercial and other interior spaces.”

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Engineered for ease of use, the hinged panels are intuitive and convenient to operate, allowing staff to effortlessly open or close the system when needed. The 2-point contact Gothic arch wheel bearing design also provides an equal distribution of weight and permits the floor-supported system to glide with less friction.

In high traffic spaces like schools and offices, adaptability of openings must be considered in regard to flow. To best accommodate all traffic flow, AcoustiFOLD’s configuration options allow for an up to three-foot-by-three-inch (1000 mm) swing door at the side jamb at one end or both. For sound requirements of STC 40 or less, swing doors can be added to an odd number of panels hinged to the jamb to increase the flexibility of the system even more.

AcoustiFOLD’s minimal surface mounted flush sill is specifically designed for interior applications, creating both a seamless and ADA compliant transition between spaces, and can be easily installed with finished flooring. Its weight is carried by the lower stainless steel wheel assembly and engineered to glide smoothly and quietly atop the stainless steel floor track.

For more information about the new NanaWall AcoustiFOLD, please visit the blog post, “Introducing AcoustiFOLD, Our STC 45 Rated Folding Glass Wall.”

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