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Federal Brace has announced the release of a line of LED-lit hidden brackets

February 8, 2018 - Charlotte, NC - Federal Brace has announced the release of a line of LED-lit hidden brackets, modeled after some of their most popular hidden supports but with complete integration of the expertly-designed Eco-Lucent LED Lighting System. These brackets provide the same seamless, hidden look that is much desired in many modern projects throughout the US and internationally, but with the added touch of lighting that is both decorative and functional. Federal Brace didn’t sacrifice safety for style, and each of the Hidden Supports with Eco-Lucent LED Lighting Systems has a carry capacity of 375 pounds per brace, offering outstanding support for heavy surfaces, such as granite, marble, concrete, and other countertop materials.

This new line is being initiated by profiles similar to the Anthem Hidden Corner Support and Freedom Hidden Countertop Bracket, two of Federal Brace’s most popular and versatile hidden braces. The brackets have been lightly modified, adding a short metal apron that protects the lighting components within the Eco-Lucent LED Lighting System when installed and routing holes for the easy connection of wires and electrical. The addition of this beautiful lighting system gives the hidden supports a decorative glow, which, when placed along the length of a bar or island, provides a continuous flow of light in an unexpected and unique place.

Both the Anthem and the Freedom are available in a variety of sizes for varying countertop overhang lengths and come in a beautiful gloss black powdercoat, remaining sight-unseen. Their hidden profile makes them a shoe-in for situations in which leg room needs to be maximized, such as breakfast bars, kitchen islands, working spaces, or entertainment areas.

For more about the Eco-Lucent Lighting System or Anthem & Freedom Hidden Supports incorporating LED-lighting, join us at www.FederalBrace.com or call our team toll-free during business hours (EST) at 1(877)353-8899.