Navigating The Show


Navigate the show like a pro with the mobile app! Download the KBIS 2018 app and prepare for your time at the expo and conference.

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  • Create a walking map from booth to booth and navigate the floor efficiently
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  • View the latest show maps with places to eat and transportation options

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Helpful information on where the taxis, rideshare and passenger pickup/drop locations will be at the Orange County Convention Center.

Download the Map.


From sit down restaurants to grab and go, there will be plenty of dining options at the show. Download the Restaurant Listings for a full list and map of locations.

Retail Food Outlets: Centerplate, the exclusive caterer at the Orange County Convention Center, will have numerous retail food outlets throughout the convention center and exhibit halls. When onsite, please reference the floor plans, maps, and directional banners with icons designating hot food, grab and go options, coffee, and outlets with available seating.

DCW West & South Bistros: With an extensive gourmet menu and ample seating, the DCW South Bistro & West Bistro are convenient options to sit down to a comfortable lunch and network with colleagues.

There are two convenient locations in the South and West Buildings and open for lunch all three show days from 11:00am-2:30pm. The Bistros offer rotating menus that include a variety of healthy and delicious options.

Lunch tickets or table packages can be pre-purchased to avoid lines at the cashier and to receive immediate seating.

Visit the DCW Bistro website for additional information, full menus, dining location maps, and free online concierge services.

Food Trucks: Food trucks will be located in the KBIS Backyard in the South Concourse Parking Lot and IBS Outdoor Exhibits in the West Concourse Parking Lot.


For complimentary Wi-Fi access, connect to the wireless network named OCCC Free Wi-Fi (available only in public space, restaurants, common areas and lobbies). The wireless network named Instant Internet is for casual Wi-Fi connectivity. This is available in meeting rooms, common areas and lobbies but does not extend into the exhibit hall. Additional wireless service is available in meeting rooms and exhibit halls for a fee. For wireless support, please call SmartCity at 1-888-243-5685.


Coat and bag check services are provided for the duration of the show. Service counters can be found in the West Concourse on Level I next to IBS registration, in the West Concourse on Level II in the Hall D2 Lobby, and in the South Concourse on Level II in the Hall SA Lobby. The cost is $3.00 per item.


There is a FedEx Office business center located in the West and South Concourses. The West Concourse location is open January 3-14 from 8:00am to 5:00pm while the South Concourse location is open January 7-12 from 8:00am-5:00pm. FedEx Office is also the pick-up and drop-off point for wheelchair and electric scooter rental.


Fully equipped first aid stations, staffed by licensed medical professionals, are available during hours of event activity. First Aid Rooms are located in the West Concourse outside the Hall WA1 on Level I next to the escalator, in the West Concourse outside Hall C on Level II, and in the South Concourse outside the Hall SA entrance on Level I.

In the event of an emergency, please contact the Orange County Convention Center Security Department by dialing 407-685-1119 in the West Concourse and 407-685-7119 in the South Concourse. Orange County Convention Center Security is best equipped to respond and direct emergency response units to the correct location of the emergency within the convention center.


Scootaround provides a simple, convenient electric scooter, wheelchair and oxygen rental service on-site. Operators are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week at (888) 441-7575.


Bags at the Orange County Convention Center offers Remote Airline Check-in (RAC). On the morning of departure, guests bring their luggage that is to be checked-in to a designated area in the convention center—generally between 6am to 1pm. Guests must provide a government-issued ID and are asked the same questions they would be asked at a skycap location or an airline ticket counter. Bags are loaded into sealed cages and driven to the airport to be screened. For more information, visit the Bags website <link to:>.