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NASONI Fontanina Fountain Faucets Outperform Other Low-Flow Faucets in The Quest to Help Families Reduce Water Waste


NASONI Fontanina Fountain Faucets Outperform Other Low-Flow Faucets in The Quest to Help Families Reduce Water Waste

Suffolk, VA - American families tend to waste water at an alarming rate which, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), hovers around a trillion gallons per year. However, an innovative new manufacturer of bathroom faucets has developed a line of products that are reversing that trend, and look great doing so. NASONI, born of founder Steve Waddell’s vision to create a sink fixture that combines exquisite design details with a faucet that transforms into a high-arc water fountain at the flip of a switch, is reinventing what consumers have come to expect from their sinks. In doing so, NASONI faucets are able to deliver pure, clean water in a manner that outperforms standards established by both federal and local governments.

Faucets of old generally produce as much as 2.2 gallons per minute (gpm) of water. Cooking, bathing, brushing teeth, and other water-related activities can easily add up to about 300 gallons used per family, per day, in America.1 Such a troubling statistic this was, that the EPA established the WaterSense initiative in hopes of preserving the nation’s water supply. As defined by it, faucets are required to produce no more than 1.5 gpm to be considered WaterSense compliant. The state of California recently issued its own, more restrictive guidelines, limiting faucets to 1.2 gpm.

Steve and the team behind NASONI sought to improve upon these parameters, and thanks to a partnership with Neoperl®, a respected producer of water-reducing aerators, they’ve been able to accomplish just that. NASONI’s elegant line of premium sink faucets can deliver water not only through the downspout as usual, but also through an arc dispersed via the top of the fixture, akin to a water fountain. This exclusive faucet-to-fountain technology reduces per minute gallon expenditure to a mere .5 gpm! That’s a savings of almost a gallon per minute over WaterSense standards.

Aside from reducing water waste and the costs families incur because of it, NASONI faucets have been lauded for their approach to health and wellness. Regardless of just how clean you think your bathroom may be, it isn’t. The warm, moist environment is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Studies also show that bacteria persist inside your toilet bowl, and every time you flush, those micro-organisms become airborne, until eventually making landfall in that cup beside the sink you use to rinse with, and on counter tops.2

NASONI employs a simple, yet elegant design that contains few seams, cracks, or other germ-inviting spaces for easy wipe down of the faucet. Fewer crevices mean less mold and bacterial build-up, as well as less cleaning for consumers. The water fountain effect of a NASONI faucet also immediately rinses clean anything that may have accumulated in the spout and allows access to clean drinking water without the need for sink side cups that generally never get washed as often as they should.

NASONI faucets are available in models designed for both residential and commercial use, and pair extremely well with their high-end line of water filtration products. View the entire product line at www.nasoni.com.

See for yourself how NASONI is reinventing the bathroom faucet at the 2018 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Orlando, Florida, January 9th-11th, at the Orange County Convention Center. Visit NASONI's booth #S5256 in the American Society for Interior Designers (ASID) Pavilion to meet the team and learn more about their innovative line of products.

Founded in 2015 in Suffolk, VA, NASONI®, LLC builds unique, innovative products that solve consumer problems. NASONI's tagline: Revolutionary products. Disruptive solutions. We build products for everyday use. We strive for breakthrough solutions and pride ourselves on out of the box originality and creativity. Our first products to market are our multi-patented, revolutionary Fontanina® Fountain Faucets, which feature the elegant combination of a water fountain and a water faucet. Follow NASONI® on Twitter and Facebook.

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