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Panorama Effects for More Room in the Room

Panorama Effects for More Room in the Room
WingLine L from Hettich

Whether in the wardrobe, in alcoves or in the top mounted kitchen unit:ツWingLine Lツfrom Hettich is the folding sliding door system that impresses in all sorts of applications. The new "Push / Pull to Move" opening mechanism creates panorama effects, design flexibility and a high level of user convenience.

WingLine Lツcan be used in all sorts of different applications: enclosed space is often left unused under stairs and sloping ceilings as well as in alcoves. The folding door fitting provides a way of using this potential storage space and making it look attractive.ツWingLine Lツalso impresses wherever it is used in wardrobes and top-mounted kitchen units.

WingLine Lツopens an entire door set with just one push or pull 窶 with or without handle. Supporting a door panel in heights of up to 2400 mm and widths of up to 600 mm, the fitting opens a surprisingly large section of cabinet content, creating more room in the room. Nothing gets in the way of drawers and extensions either becauseツWingLine Lツkeeps door protrusion to a minimum and reliably holds the doors in the open position. Particularly convenient: the fitting can be provided with soft opening and closing for even more convenience and peace.
Assembly is also easy because the doors can be mounted without the need for tools and the cabinet can be put together by just one fitter.

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