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Innovation is defined simply as a “new idea, device, or method.” The Galley is all three.

Inspired by a desire to find solutions to problems that had existed for years in the way kitchens worked, (or didn’t work), The Galley was invented by an award-winning kitchen designer whose vision was to create a central workstation hub where every task in his kitchen could be accomplished. He put the very first Galley Workstation in his own home. Today, the Galley has grown to be an entire line of super-functional, smart and stylish kitchen workstations where one can prep, cook, serve, entertain, and clean-up, all in one convenient place.

A provider of highly-engineered and hand-crafted products made in the USA, The Galley is now a kitchen industry leader in innovation, quality and just pure fun. The Galley Product Line is comprised of more than 50 different products, including Kitchen Workstations that include Culinary Tools such as cutting boards, bowls, colanders, drying racks, specialty serving boards, and other unique and functional components. The Galley is launching two new product lines in 2017: The Galley Tap, designed by David Kotowsky, owner of Hydrology of Chicago, is a stainless steel kitchen faucet line, available in four finishes, specifically designed to work perfectly with the Galley Workstation. The award-winning Galley Dresser, a line of high-end, stunningly beautiful, functional and fully integrated kitchen furniture, has been designed by Doug Durbin, Design Director of NuHaus. Available in 13 high-gloss finishes and nine custom hardware finishes, it resets the standard for kitchen furniture.

Important factors contributing to The Galley and its partners success include highly innovative and thoughtful designs, a unique go to market strategy, hand-made workmanship by highly skilled craftsmen in the USA, the simple, comprehensive functionality of the flagship workstation itself, and an unbridled commitment to the highest standards of quality and service.




The award-winning, innovative Galley Workstation®, is much more than a sink. It is a super-functional, smart and stylish workstation where one can prep, cook, serve, entertain and clean-up in one convenient place. Ideal for any indoor or outdoor kitchen, it works perfectly in both large and small kitchens. The Galley Workstation is available in six lengths: the IWS 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7; as well as four double bowl lengths. Custom sizes are available. Designed and hand-crafted in the USA.Each Workstation includes a well-equipped Culinary Kit available in Natural Bamboo, Graphite Wood Composite, or High Density White or Gray Resin consisting of cutting boards, drying racks, stainless steel colanders and bowls with custom platforms that slide above and below each other. An impressive selection of optional accessories are available, such as a 2” Chef’s Block in Bamboo or Walnut, a Wash & Serve Basin, Bottom Sink Grates and a variety of specialty Serving Boards.

There is nothing on the market like The Galley Workstation. We believe the next evolution of kitchen design is centered around a super-functional workstation. The Galley Workstation was invented to:

Consolidate all the meal prep and make it very efficient, easy and enjoyable.

Allow others to join in and assist.

Allow the person preparing the meal to stay involved with family and guests.

Add valuable counter space where a typical kitchen sink subtracts it.

Be the most important and used appliance in the kitchen.

Change the way you think about and use your kitchen!


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The Galley Dresser is an award-winning line of thoughtfully designed, fully integrated kitchen Workstations.In order to take the Galley Workstation experience to an entirely different level of function and beauty, we asked nationally known kitchen interior and fine furniture designer, Doug Durbin, to break the mold and design something absolutely extraordinary, both inside and out. The Galley Dresser is the result of that effort and has exceeded every expectation we had,” said CEO Anderson.

My design of the Galley Dresser was to thoughtfully stitch together the ultimate in kitchen function with contempt for the ordinary in kitchen furniture. The Galley Dresser is that Statement. The execution of every detail is incredibly intentional. The design philosophy of The Dresser prevents compromise,” said Dresser designer, Doug Durbin.  Durbin is renowned for his Bauhaus approach to thoughtful design, creating harmony between function and art in kitchen architecture.

The Galley Dresser is available in 4 sizes, 13 hand-selected high-gloss finishes, 9 custom hardware finish options, including four signature finishes by Doug Durbin, and is completely hand-crafted from start to finish.

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The Galley Tap is a beautiful and remarkably functional faucet line that The Galley is proudly bringing to market. The Galley Tap and accompanying Soap Dispenser have been designed exclusively for The Galley by Chicago-based plumbing guru, David Kotowsky of Hydrology.

As our Galley Workstations have continued to grow in popularity, new owners ask us every day what faucets they should purchase for their Galley Workstation. Candidly, we didn’t have a great answer…..so we asked David Kotowsky to design the Galley Tap to be the ideal faucet for use with our Workstations,” said Scott Anderson, CEO of The Galley.

The Galley Tap line will be initially available in four stainless steel finishes: Matte, Polished, PVD Gunmetal and PVD Satin Black. Machined out of solid AISI 316L stainless steel, this faucet line is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The line has been ergonomically engineered with dimensions that are specifically suited for The Galley Workstation.

The Galley Tap is the world’s first and only kitchen faucet specifically designed to function perfectly with a kitchen workstation. The faucet projects to the center of the Galley Workstation and it has an 11” clearance for pot filling. The hand spray boasts an ergonomic slide switch to conveniently select aerated or spray flow and extends up to 27” from the spout. It’s striking beauty comes from its perfect geometry. That’s the magic!” states Kotowsky.

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