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Deadline to complete your profile for the show directory is Friday!

Be sure to utilize Nvytes a FREE marketing tool allowing you to invite your customers and prospects - driving more traffic to your booth! For custom dashboard and promo code questions please contact Lindsay DuHadway.



Let attendees know more about your brand, products and services by completing your online exhibitor profile through the Exhibitor Console using your company password. The deadline to complete your profile for the show directory listing is December 14, 2018. Please make sure your company name, website and product categories are complete and correct. Questions? Contact your Account Executive. 


Please review the Targeted Freight Move-In Floor Plan for the North Hall, the Central Hall , the South Hall , and Salon by KBIS for your scheduled freight move-in day and time. Off-target charges will apply for shipments to show site that miss their targeted freight move-in date.
If you are shipping materials to the Freeman advance warehouse, these items will be placed at your booth by your targeted freight move-in day and time.
If you are shipping materials directly to show site, please schedule setup labor accordingly. Do not schedule setup labor at the exact time of your targeted freight move-in time as the freight’s subsequent arrival at your booth will depend on many factors, such as when the delivery truck checks into the marshaling yard, what position in line the truck is in to be sent to the convention center for unloading, how long it takes Freeman to unload the truck at the loading dock, log in all parts of the shipment and then deliver them to the booth.


If you have not yet submitted a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for KBIS 2019, you must submit this using the Insurance Submission Form found in your KBIS Exhibitor Console by Wednesday, January 16.


Please review the Insurance Requirements  as well as the Sample Certificate of Insurance for review. If you don’t currently have insurance that meets the necessary requirements, please contact your insurance provider or you may apply for insurance coverage online with the Marsh Total Event Exhibitor Insurance Program.


If you have any insurance questions or have trouble uploading the certificate of insurance, please email


Exhibitors are allowed to distribute food and/or beverage samples from their booth but all sampling must be approved by Centerplate, the exclusive caterer at the Las Vegas Convention Center. For more information, please contact Christina Noleva.


Advance shipments to the Freeman Warehouse will begin being accepted on Wednesday, January 9. Please use the Warehouse Shipping Labels found in the KBIS 2019 Exhibitor Services Kit  for the hall your booth is located in. The Freeman advance warehouse will accept crates‚ cartons‚ skids‚ trunks/cases and carpets/pads. Loose or pad-wrapped material must be sent directly to show site. If you will be shipping your freight in advance to the Freeman Warehouse, shipments must be received by 2:00 PM on Wednesday, February 6 to avoid late charges.


If you plan to ship your freight directly to the Las Vegas Convention Center, shipments should arrive based on your scheduled target freight move-in date. Please use the Show Site Shipping Labels found in the KBIS 2019 Exhibitor Services Kit  for the hall your booth is located in. Shipments will not be accepted at the Las Vegas Convention Center prior to February 13 and off-target charges will apply for shipments to show site that miss their assigned targeted freight move-in date.

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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Companies A-E, #, Italy and Spain
Maria Hill, National Sales Manager, 770.291.5419


Companies F-N (400 NSF and above), France, Germany and Turkey
Amy Hornby, Show Director, 770.291.5434


Companies O-Z and Asia
Diana Gallagher, Account Executive, 770.291.5436


Companies F-N (100 – 300 NSF)
Liz Hitchcock, Sales Representative, 770.291.5426