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Welcome to the KBIS 2019 Exhibitor Service Center!

This area of the web site is for current exhibitors only, and is to be used to manage the exhibiting process. Please check back often for updates and additional information as you plan your show.

Best of KBIS

Be part of the industry’s premier awards program highlighting the best new kitchen, bath, smart home, and outdoor living products that push the boundaries of design, technology and innovation. Please read on below for helpful tips and information on how to enter and what you can expect at the show. Apply below through the exhibitor console. 


Exhibitors! Apply now for your chance to be a part of the new format #DesignBites on the KBISNeXT Stage. Now an exclusive one-day event, our panel will pick the top 10 innovative kitchen and bath brands to wow media and design VIPs with their coolest new products. 

Maximize your marketing and PR at the show in a refreshed, cost-effective, and entertaining way! Submissions are now OPEN.

Exhibitor Console

The Exhibitor Console is your one-stop shop to:

Maintain your online/print directory listing. Directory Deadline: December 14.

Access KBIS Connect, your leads and outreach tool

View invoices and payment information

Register your staff badges

Book your hotel rooms

Order lead retrieval

Purchase digital upgrades to your online listing

Access the exhibitor service kit

Download your free custom eBooth promotion widget

You will need a password to access. Your password is located on your booth confirmation. If you have misplaced your password, please contact your account executive.


Exhibitor Kit

Important information regarding show rules and regulations, deadlines and ordering services. View Exhibitor Kit.

Free Marketing & PR Tools

As an added value to participating in the show, we have invested in marketing tools to help drive traffic to your booth and to your company before, during and after KBIS.

Exhibitor Updates

KBIS sends monthly exhibitor updates to help exhibitors stay informed throughout their preparations for the show. View past updates here.

Expo Passes

KBIS exhibitors are the only ones that can give out free expo only passes to attendees. It’s simple, and there is no cost to you! Order now.

Target Move-In Plans

The targeted freight move-in schedule pertains only to freight arrival. It does not necessarily represent the day the exhibitor should start setting up.

The targeted freight move-in date primarily applies to direct shipments. It is the day that exhibitors shipping direct to the convention center can have their shipments arrive. All delivery vehicles must check-in to the marshaling yard and await deployment to the convention center to be unloaded. The delivery of the direct shipments to the booth will depend on when the truck checks into the marshaling yard, what position in line the truck is in to be sent to the convention center for unloading, how long it takes Freeman to unload the truck at the loading dock, log in all parts of the shipment and then deliver them to the booth. Due to the amount of direct deliveries each day, this can take hours. Even though an exhibitor has a target time of 8:00am on a specific date, this does not mean the shipment can come directly to the convention center and get to the booth by 8:00am to start setting up. As a result, exhibitors should not schedule setup labor at their exact targeted freight time.

The way that the target freight move-in date applies to advance shipments is that this is the day and time that Freeman guarantees that warehouse deliveries will be delivered to the booth by. In this scenario, if an exhibitor has a targeted freight time of 8:00am on a specific day and has shipped everything to the advance warehouse, they could order labor to start at 8:00am as their shipment will be at their booth. This is why, if exhibitors are concerned with the amount of time available to set up, we recommend they ship to the advance warehouse as this provides them with the maximum amount of setup time available.

Also, the exhibitor does not need to be present on their targeted freight day if they do not feel the need to be there. If an exhibitor is targeted with 4 days to setup but they only need 2 days, they only need to make sure any shipments sent directly to the convention center arrive on their target date. Any advance shipments will be placed at their booth by the target day. When they arrive to setup, their shipment will be at the booth and they will be ready to begin working.

***To view the most current floor plan, please click here

Ceiling Height Floor Plans

Due to varying ceiling heights, not all booth locations allow for a hanging sign. To view the ceiling height over your booth, please review the KBIS 2019 Hall Ceiling Heights Floor Plans for the hall your booth is located in.


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Beware of misleading advertising scams

Several companies are targeting the KBIS exhibitors with advertising scams. Do NOT sign any invoices from these companies. If you receive anything from an unapproved vendor, please contact your Account Executive to report.

Some of these companies include:

Fairguide by Construct Data Verlag 

AGExpo-Guide by Commercial Online Manuals 

S de RL de CVB2B Conference Alertorem 

TIRA Convention Travel Management

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